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We, the Murickens an ISO 9001:2015 accreditationcompany have a good reputation as manufacturers and dealers of MG Servo Stabilizers and Isolation Transformers in India. We make high quality Stabilizers and Transformers with modern techniques which is suitable for all kinds of power related electronic equipment used for residential and Industrial purposes. There are a number of electronic devices like step up transformers and stabilizers which the people use to boost low voltage but it will not give a constant voltage output because they are relay based equipment. Servo voltage stabilizer is meant for solving all power related voltage fluctuations which cause complete damage to our costly electronic equipment, cut down its output results in addition to wastage of man power, energy and money. It is a mechanism which is specially designed for the climatic conditions of Kerala and for the regular supply of constant output voltage using Variac and copper winded transformers as in Kerala. we cannot predict the KSEB output voltage as it keeps on fluctuating.

MG servo voltage stabilizer has been introduced into the market to satisfy the needs of the customer.The greatest feature of this product is that it provides a constant output by adding and subtracting the low voltage generated frequently by the electric line.Because of the constant output voltage, Assistive devices also have longer efficiency, accuracy, and longer life.Currently, separate stabilizers are used in houses and institutions. But none of us think about the power loss caused by this. This stabilizer does not control a large amount of voltage generated. Not only that, but it also paves the way for an increase in our electricity bill.

Another feature of the MG is that it provides a warranty and after-sales service support for this product.Nowadays many of the devices are imported, expensive, and are efficient but this can cause voltage fluctuations. So it's high time to think about its compliance.MG Servo Voltage Stabilizer is a solution to all this problems. This unit is ideal for providing a complete protection zone for a house or an institution using a single stabilizer.

There are two models of Murickens MG Servo Controlled Voltage Stabilizers available.Single phase (160-270V), Three phase (300-450V). Maintains constant voltage output 230V for single phase and 410V for three phase

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► It act as a guard for every electronics equipments ► Quick, steady and accurate correction of voltage output 230V for Single phase and 400V for Three phase. ► Despite load current variations - Balanced output voltage. ► Irrespective of input imbalance. ► Fully automatic. ► Reduces heating and minimizes losses. ► Over Load Protection. ► Constant temperature maintained by oil or air cooling system.► Boost-up transformer based model. ► Digital display for input and out put volt & irregularities. ► By using servo stabilizer we can improve over all production quantity and quality. ► In medical field, it is must for getting accurate lab test results.► Overall energy saving - above 98% efficiency Increased life of your equipment. ► Compact in size, etc. ► Custom made servo voltage stabilizers available as per customers requirement. ►Some of the extra adoptable features are Bypass Mechanism ( change over switch ) Inbuilt Isolation Transformer, Time Delay, Wheel mounting.


Sl.No. Parameter Single Phase Unit Three Phase Unit
1 Rating 1 KVA to 15 KVA 6 KVA to 500 KVA
2 Input Voltage Range a) 160V -270V 300-450V
3 Nominal Output Voltage 230V 400V
4 Output Voltage Accuracy ± 1% ± 1%
5 Line Frequency Variation 47Hz-53Hz . 47Hz-53Hz
6 Control Digital/Analogue Digital/Analogue
7 Response Time 10 ms. 10 ms.
8 Voltage Correction Rate    
  1. Air Cooled 35V/Sec. 35V/Sec.
  2. Oil Cooled 25V/ Sec 25V/ Sec
9 Efficiency 97% 97%
10 Protection a) Automatic Switch-Off against  
       -  Under / Over-Voltage  
       -  Over-Load & Short - Circuit  
       -   Single Phasing  
11 Winding Copper Winded Copper Winded
12 Waveform Pure Sine Wave Pure Sine Wave
13 Power factor Nil Nil
14 Mounting Free on wheel Free on wheel



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