MG Deadbody Chamber  

MG Multybody deadbody fixed chamber

MG Multybody deadbody fixed chamber

This international quality product is manufactured and marketed by a team of murickens group, with a long time experience in the electronics, electrical and refrigeration field.The Murickens Group launched a body storage unit in 2015 called the MG dead body fixed chamber, which is ideal for storing one or more dead bodies for long periods. The MG Deadbody Fixed Chamber is a unique unit that meets the needs of the market. It is not only a compact system but also a unit that works with very low power. It is an exclusive product of the Murickens Group. We are happy to be the first manufacturer and supplier of dead body mobile mortuary in this field, with more than 30-years of experience with thousands of satisfied customers in India and different parts of the world.

Murickens Group is the one of the leading manufacturer and exporters of MG Animal dead body cabinet system.It is the specially designed dead body chamber to preserve animal dead bodies in proper hygienic and effective manner.

Our valued and reputed clients list includes The CISF 7th Battalion Military Camp Chennai, Command hospital Chandimandir, St.Ursula hospital Pune, Shanti memorial hospital Cuttack, Dept. Of Space, Sriharikota, Birla research institute, Malayalee association Bhopal (Outside Kerala). Govt. Hospitals - Aluva, Kottayam, Varkala, Mulanthuruthy, etc. Co-operate Banks - Marayoor service co-operative bank Idukki, Karukutti service co-operative bank (Kerala) Al-Amin medical service Bangladesh, Saudi (exporting).


Animal dead body mortuary chamber is a special type of dead body preserving unit for animals manufactured by murickens Group. The main use of this device is to store and preserve dead bodies of animals like dogs, cats etc for postmortem and study purposes in zoological gardens and vetenary hospitals ,This device is very helpful to store dead bodies of animals in a most suitable,it maintain hygienic and effective manner. This series of item used in medical clinic, memorial service parlor, and postmortem examination department or after death assessment division to store the carcass. Our Small Animal Mortuary Chamber are made up of erosion free metal parts with advanced technologies protection guaranteeing most extreme warm productivity and strength. It is designed with low temperature for preserving long period of time. It is a specially designed model with high capacity compressor and fan.Murickens Group is the Number one Animal Mortuary Chamber Manufacturer in India.This system requires low maintenance cost, long life and advanced technology devices.

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MG dead body chamber videos: -Click Here

MG dead body chamber images: -Click Here


► Power saver model. ►Independent one to four body chamber.►On-off and control the unit separately.► US Technology with low maintenance.► Dead body can be preserved for longer periods.► Stainless Steel stretcher.► Mortuary body made-up of full pure Stainless steel and copper which provide complaint free working and long life.► Fully automatic► Adjustable Digital display thermo meter.► Full PUF system (New technology).► Front door opening.► Light weight and compact size.► Noiseless functioning.► Temperature from -2oC to -20oC.►Alaram forsystem failure.►Inside light is Available.


Outside Dimension
Inside Dimension
Length 95 inch 241.3 cm 75 inch 190.5 cm
Width 41 inch 104.14 cm 35 inch 88.9 cm
Height 35 inch 88.9 cm 26 inch 66.04 cm


Outer Dimensions   91.5 " x  32.69  "  x 40.57 " (L*H*W)
Inside Dimension 75 " x  25.19  "  x 33.07 " (L*H*W)
Insulation type and thickness 3 Inch thickness – PUF System 
Input Volt 220-230 V
Compressor EMERSON-KCJ423LAG
Door Front opening door-Steel
Gas   R-134a
Temparature Digital display, adjustable temperature
Temparature Range -2°C to - 20°C
Tray Specification Tray with moving mechanism
Max.Weight bearing capacity Up to 250 Kg
Drainage Yes
Power Consumption 4 to 6 unit per day
Power supply 220 Volts, 50/60 Hz
Light and Type Internal LED Lighting
Structure of the Body Steel and copper
Outer Steel 202,Gauge 22
Inner Steel 304 Gauge 26
Structure 202 Gauge 26
Alaram Yes
Applicable generator 2500 Va to 3000 VA
Stabilizer  3 KVA
Above dimensions will change , according to the model 




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