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MG Mobile mortuaries are produced with international quality standards. On line support availability round the clock for any clarifications on indications and temperature adjustments by quality trained customer support wing makes us stand ahead of competitorsThis model is specially designed by Murickens Group for the convenience of the customer.In all aspects and quality it is internationally approved and technically updated unit. Light weight and compact in size is the main attraction of this model. The top cover opening glass is made up of single Acrylic (Fiber) glass with the thickness of 12mm. When compared to pure glass, Fiber glass always maintains sufficient cooling effect and also avoids chance for breaking. The wheels make handling more convenient. The body material is 202 nonmagnetic stainless steel.Even though we have 7 models we promote MG M1 model mobile mortuary for easy handling for customers.

Our valued and reputed clients list includes The CISF 7th Battalion Military Camp Chennai, Command hospital Chandimandir, St.Ursula hospital, Pune, Shanti memorial hospital Cuttack, Dept. of Space Sriharikota, Birla research institute, Malayalee assosation Bhopal..etc. (outside Kerala). Govt. hospitals - Aluva, Kottayam, Varkala, Mulanthuruthy...etc. Co-operate Banks - Marayoor service co-operative bank Idukki, Karukutty service co-operative bank... etc. (Kerala) Al-Amin medical service Bangladesh, Saudi etc...(exporting).


MG-M1 is the first product of Murickens Group in mobile mortuary category. We keep International Quality Standard for all our products. The Murickens Group's MG-M1 model has been on the market since 1990 and is still on the market. We Murickens Group produce each of our products according to the interests of the customers. Even though it is the first model in the mobile mortuary, its sales are still in the forefront. Whether from the refrigeration side or the exterior side, it is 100% eye-catching. This model is very compatible and light weight, so it is easy to handle. Therefore it will not have any complaints. This model has two parts. Head part and the body part. The head part is slightly raised compared to these two parts. Also head part contains refrigeration unit which contain compressor,condenser coil and the unit for electrical power supply. The capillary pipe used as the cooling section in the body part is made of copper. Therefore, gas leakage and reaction between gas and metal will not occur. The body part contains necessary space for standard body types. The light fittings inside the system arearranged so that the body gets maximum light. It also has a steel tray that can hold and carry the body.

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► Length-228.6 cm (90 inches). ► Height-66.04cm ( 26 inches) ► Width-71.12 cm (28inches ). ► Mortuary Inside length -74.5 inches (189 cm). ► Mortuary Inside Width -22 inches(57 cm).


► Bottom section : 65 Kg. ► Top opening acrylic glass with steel :25Kg. ► Weight of body lifting steel structure: 7Kg.

Total weight of MG dead body mobile freezer:97 Kg.

Structure of the body :

stainless steel and copper

Compressor :

MG dead body freezer wattage of Compressor is 250 W Special type.

Temperature :

Digital display, adjustable temperature

Applicable generator :

2000VA, 2800 VA or 3000 va

Applicable stabilizer :

1.5 kva wide range special.


► US Technology with low maintenance. ► Dead body can be preserved for longer periods. ► Stainless Steel stretcher. ► Mortuary body made-up of full Stainless steel and copper which provide complaint free working and long life. ► View from all angles. ► Fully automatic. ► Adjustable Digital display thermo meter. ► Input voltmeter. ► Separate on-off switch for voltmeter ,lights and compressor. ► Insulation - PUF system(New technology). ► Inner side light. ► Top door opening with side view Acrylic Glass. ► Attractive top door handle 4 No. ► Light weight and compact size. ► Noiseless functioning. ► Wheel mounted (smooth and strong four wheels). ► Attractive look and long durability. ► Temperature from -2oC to -20oC.


                MG M1 MOBILE MORTUARY
Model Name. Description
MG - M1 Compact and Standard Model with Acrylic Glass Top  
Input volt AC power 220-230V  
Top Opening Door Single unbreakable top opening with rectangular
MG design 12 mm acrylic (Fiber) Glass.
Dimension  Legth x Height x Width
MG- M1(Fiber Standard) 90 " x  26  "  x 28 ":   ( 228.6 cm x 66.04 cm x 71.12 cm)
Mortuary Inside length 74.5 inches (189 cm)
Mortuary Inside Width 22 inches ( 57 cm)
Weight of mortuary Below 100 Kg including body lifting stretcher
Compressor Fisher / Emersion : 250 watts , model 415.
Total system power 350 w including fan, lights and compressor
Temperature Digital display, adjustable temperature.
Structure of the body Stainless-steel and copper ,Outer Nonmagnetic Steel 202,Gauge 22,
Inner Steel 304 Gauge 26, Structure 202 Gauge 26
Applicable generator 2000VA, 2800 VA or 3000 VA.
Applicable stabilizer 1.5 kva wide range special
Above dimensions will change , according to the model.



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Available in two models Fiber glass top and Pure glass top models.

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